Arch Business Card Designs That Will Make You Stand Out

Arch Business Cards

Arch business cards are quite uncommon but if properly designed, they can help you stand out from competitors! Best of all, you can be sure that your arch business card can easily be recognized from the deck due to its unique shape and design.

Here we have some arch-inspired business cards for your reference. Be sure to click at the individual post (or picture) if you wish to learn more about the design details for each card.


Blossie business card

Hannah Negus is a designer and her beautiful arch business card is super chic and elegant! It is classy enough to represent her expertise in creating individualised wedding stationery and signage. Find out how Hannah printed her cards to make them look impressive and memorable here.

Terra Mea

Terra Mea business card_grey

A unique shape like this will no doubt make this jewelry brand a big hit among its target audience! Designed by The Letterist, Terra Mea’s business card is further enhanced with special printing techniques to make them look premium and luxurious. Check it out.


Melambo business card

Designed by Brandberg for a bespoke luxury artisanal footwear, this business card design not only uses the arch shape for that added memorable impact, but it also accommodates the classy logo and embellishment beautifully for that sophisticated brand image. Details here.

Ca la Nuri

calanuri business cards

Arch business cards can also look good on a group of Mediterranean cuisine restaurants! Designed by Abeldb, these business cards come in variety and each with its own symbolic colour. Be sure to check out this post to learn more.

Other Archway Inspired Business Cards

An arch can be used to represent a door, a portal or a transition. Besides the card shape, you can also use archway as the main design inspiration for your business card. Unsure how? Here are a few more examples:

Arch Café

Arch Cafe Business Cards

Designed by Lauren Bloom for a modern Tuscan café, this business card design is super eye-catching due to its arch pattern, which is inspired by the brand name itself. The colour combinations are also a good match to the overall branding. Truly an interesting example of using ‘arch’ as the main attraction, don’t miss it!

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Marta Rabassa

Marta Rabassa business card

Designed by Xavier Esclusa Trias for an interior designer. The business card design uses arch as its main inspiration, due to the name of the business owner. There’s actually more to this design and overall, it’s a functional and clever business card design to express Marta’s profession in a distinctive way. Be sure to find out more.


Viaducs business cards

These archway-inspired business cards belonged to Two French designers who are specializing in contemporary Nantes furniture. Gold foil stamping is a brilliant print finishing technique to make these business cards look elegant and classy, especially on a dark blue background. Beautifully designed by La Rusée. Check it out!

Isabelle Sleinis

Isabelle Sleinis business card

An arch can also be used as part of the illustration on a business card! Georgia Treloar designed these cards for a breathwork facilitator that offers workshops for people’s physical and emotional healing. By adding an arch to the business card design, the brand becomes more interesting and welcoming. More details here.

Nous Emergir

Nous Emergir business cards

Another fine example is this beautiful business card design by Maria Alice Queiroz for a self-care brand covering beauty, makeup and skin care. It’s particularly interesting to see an arch been added to give the idea of entering a portal seeking for self-connection. Details here.

So, are you all set to incorporate arch business card as part of your branding effort?


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