Talia design studio Business Cards

Talia Design Studio Business Card

Natalia Rosen designed these business cards for her design studio, Talia Studios.

It’s always fascinating when we come across a graphic designer’s very own business card!

We know how much effort they must have put into their own visual identity, and Natalia is no exception.


What is Talia Studios

Talia Studios is a multi-faceted design space where anything goes.

“I am a graphic designer turned creative designer with a love for every asset of design,” Talia said.

“I started out specializing in identity branding from conception to web and packaging.”

“Then, I branched out into more mediums when I took on jobs in the beauty and fashion industry.”

“From high end street apparel to constantly changing styles, I embrace a hybrid and eclectic approach that molds to whatever a client needs.”


Gradients and Dynamic Card Designs

Upon first glance, it’s clear that Natalia’s business cards are dynamic and filled with personality.

“My logo and business card design, much like me, are malleable and always changing.”

“For each contact details side of the card, it has a slightly different variation of gradient and print because each client experience is unique.”

While Natalia has already finalized her business card design, she still has a lot of love for her initial card.

“I work from all areas of the world and am constantly on the go, which is why my original business card design has all different versions of how to say ‘hello’ with motion blurring.”

“I feel like I’m always at a fast pace, physically and mentally.”

“I loved my first card but realized there was more design than there was information – literally had no website, lol!”

Well, Natalia, we still think it’s pretty cool.

Talia design studio Business Cards_original

Logotype and Typography

For the word “Talia” on the new card, Natalia used a customized version of GIBEon Display.

It’s a beautifully imbalanced display font that captures that idea of freedom and movement.

The secondary font used is Helvetica. It’s a great foundation for any chaos around it.

According to Natalia, Helvetica has clean lines and no-nonsense shapes, making it beautiful to the eye but not distracting from anything near.


A Monochrome Colour Palette

Explaining the idea behind her choice of colours, Natalia said, “My projects don’t all fall into a certain style.”

“A lot of my work, especially when displayed near each other, can be very loud.”

“Therefore, having a clean cream and black colour palette allows the point of focus to remain on my projects.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by MOO.

“The images showcased here are just mockups,” Natalia said.

“For the actual printing, I ordered a thicker unfinished paper (uncoated paper) weight so the cards feel luxurious and natural.”


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Designed by Natalia Rosen

For Talia Studios (personal branding)

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