sensetio measuring system business card

Sensetio Measuring System Business Card

Jaromir Kveton designed these business cards for Sensetio, a unique measuring system to diagnose people’s emotions or behaviors; bringing new approaches to psychological testing and evaluation.

When asked about his client, Jaromir described them as followed, “Thanks to the combination of unique software and hardware, Sensetio is able to read and measure people’s emotions and reactions in a natural way without distractions.”

“This can be used by individuals such as therapists or psychologists; or with large groups of people under HR specialists or coaches.”

“And this is what the brand identity is about – the way emotions influence people, and the same way they influence the logo and the branding itself,” Jaromir explained.

The typeface used are Formular and Formular mono.

The business card has a neutral tone, but it is enhanced by a white logotype plus some eye-catching line pattern.

By doing so, Jaromir can create as many variants as he wants for this visual identity.

“Visual language combine both parts of the measuring – the static part based on modern technology, together with various emotions or reactions represented by the colourful lines.”

“This allowed us to make each brand element as unique as each human is.”

The card measurement is 85 × 55 mm and they were printed on 350 g/m2 Colorplan paper by Ontisk in Prague, Czech Republic.


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Designed by Jaromir Kveton for Soulmates

Printed by Ontisk

For Sensetio

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