San Pepperoni business card

San Pepperoni Pizzeria Business Card

Mariana Friederich designed these business cards for San Pepperoni, an innovative and selective pizzeria that tries to make its customers fall in love with their pizza right away.

The food at San Pepperoni is made with high-quality ingredients at a lower cost than its competitors, and it features both traditional and original flavours. This quality and originality are given a playful twist by the brand.

San Pepperoni’s business card design comes in various versions, including those with illustrations, patterns, and different colour combinations.

Roni, the mascot in the illustration, gives the brand a more playful and unique feel. It appears in almost all of the pizzeria’s graphic materials and décor.

San Pepperoni stationery


Logo Design

The symbol and logotype structure have an inclined orientation, indicating movement and fluidity. This concept is attached to the fact that the pizzeria only offers delivery service, which means workers come and go frequently.

“Besides, the brand is objective and has no ornaments, associating the simple recipes that make up the pizza flavours. This allows the brand to be flexible and convenient, which complements the pizza’s popularity,” Mariana said.

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Brand Image

The company’s business card is designed to express modern, fun and accessible.

Mariana explained, “When compared to traditional Italian cuisine, the pizzeria uses technology to make its pizzas and has a strong social media presence, making it a modern business.”

“Fun, because no one is sad eating pizza, right? Having a good time and sharing your food with family or friends is what the business is all about.”

“Finally, the accessible characteristic is due to the pizza prices being lower than the competitors’, even though the quality is equal or higher.”

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The primary typeface used is Dosis (Google Font), and the secondary font is Museo Sans (Adobe Fonts).

“Due to its simplicity and boldness, Dosis was chosen as the main font for use in headlines. Also, it’s easy to read and appears friendly due to the rounded corners.”

“Museo Sans is used for body text to complement Dosis. Because of that, this typeface doesn’t need to have a strong identity and presence.”

When it comes to the inspiration behind Dosis, Mariana continued, “It reminds me of the 60s ice cream shops welcoming families on Sunday afternoons. A hearty and playful place to spend and recharge the batteries before starting the week again and going to work.”

“Pizza’s time means almost the same thing: it’s a happy hour!”

San Pepperoni logotye_1

Colours & Printing

“After researching other pizzerias in the city, we noticed many of them love to use Italian colours and elements, and we wish to be different from them.”

“The primary colour combination is black and white (not 100% white) and red as a secondary colour (only used on the details).”

“This colour palette gives contrast and boldness to the brand’s visual identity. Besides, black and white are also easy to read and ideal for those who are hungry to pick up a pizza.”

“Red adds energy to the brand’s compositions, and it’s associated with the idea of food.”

When it comes to printing, “The business card is to remind people of the pizza packaging, so it has to be rustic and simple. The paper thickness is 32pt, and the finish is uncoated to give more texture to the material,” Mariana suggested.


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Designed by Mariana Friederich

For San Pepperoni

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