San Pepperoni Pizzeria Business Card

San Pepperoni business card

Mariana Friederich designed these business cards for San Pepperoni, an innovative and selective pizzeria that tries to make its customers fall in love with their pizza right away. The food at San Pepperoni is made with high-quality ingredients at a…

Yella Pizza Business Card

Yella business cards

Monolith Agency designed these business cards for Yella, a Greek style pizza. According to Guillaume Germain, the founder of Monolith Agency, the client’s previous brand image was perceived as too ‘high end’ and intimidated the customers. “The goal was to…

Pizzie Restaurant Business Card

Pizzie business cards

Daniel Ligero designed these business cards for Pizzie, a typical Italian restaurant based in Barcelona. According to Daniel, Pizzie has a high culinary level and a gourmet pizzas menu from the talented kitchen staff. “The design concept and the visual…