Over Bar & Resto business cards

Over Bar Resto Business Card

Morla Eudora designed these business cards for Over, a bar that revolves around people’s stories and struggles in their workplace.

After a long day’s work, many people gather in bars and restaurants to socialise, relax, and unwind.

For that, the goal of Over Bar Resto is to give a sense of community while helping overworked adults feel less isolated by providing a platform for them to share the realities of work in a fun, humorous, and sarcastic way.

“People can anonymously submit their stories and confessions about their jobs at Over, which serves as the brand activation,” Morla said.

“These stories will be featured on social media and public posters, hoping to give a sense of companionship that we are all in the same boat.”

This is a refreshing concept! In order to express Over in a celebrative manner, the business card design is colourful and filled with fun illustrations and confetti. Also, the overall design hopes to reflect the brand’s sense of community and freedom as well.

Over business card_menu


A Playful Logo Design

The idea of incorporating different drinks within the logotype itself is genius!

Morla explained, “The logo reflects how different people talk about their problems over different drinks.”

“And every type of drink can represent one’s personality, which also represents how one faces his or her problems and carry on with life.”

Morla even added a few illustrative elements to the business cards to enhance the overall design.

“The illustrations portray what the logo portrays, and it’s being implemented throughout the identity along with the sharp geometric shapes to complement the whole visual look.”

Over Bar & Resto sign


The Typography and Colours of Emotions

 The custom-designed logotype was based on a typeface called Dream Orphans, a sans serif font with a simple, welcoming feel.

 I added a little tweak to the font and utilized the negative space as a vessel to hold the drinks,” Morla said.

“The curve and sharp edges of the typeface represent elegance and a bit of playfulness to further communicate the essence of celebration.”

“I used Archivo Expanded for the body text to convey the message and reach the target audiences in a bold and straightforward approach.”

When asked about the choice of colours, Morla shared, “They characterize the different ambiences people bring to bars; they can be happy, overworked, in love, etc.”

Over business card_2


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are yet to be printed. If they were, Morla suggested printing the cards on matte cardstock with a normal printing technique.

“The business card itself has a lot going on with the different elements and colours.”

“By using normal printing techniques, it will be able to make the colour pop and tone down the overall visual simultaneously,” Morla added.


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Designed by Morla Eudora

For Over Bar Resto

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