Confetti Pattern

A fun and playful way to express your brand with business cards with confetti patterns. Check out these festive business cards!

Over Bar Resto Business Card

Over Bar & Resto business cards

Morla Eudora designed these business cards for Over, a bar that revolves around people’s stories and struggles in their workplace. After a long day’s work, many people gather in bars and restaurants to socialise, relax, and unwind. For that, the…

Pica Pocca Personal Branding Business Card

Pica Pocca business cards

Yan Ling designed these business cards for her personal branding and Etsy shop named Pica Pocca. “Pica Pocca is a self-initiated project that I’ve done for myself back in late 2019,” Yan Ling said. “I’ve always been a fan of…

Lucia’s Cakes Business Card

Lucia's Cakes Business Cards

Tina Homewood designed these business cards for Lucia’s Cakes, a local cake baker named Lucia who specializes in custom cake designs for a variety of occasions and clients. “I wanted to design business cards with a visual emphasis on the…