Lucia's Cakes Business Cards

Lucia’s Cakes Business Card

Tina Homewood designed these business cards for Lucia’s Cakes, a local cake baker named Lucia who specializes in custom cake designs for a variety of occasions and clients.

“I wanted to design business cards with a visual emphasis on the product/services provided and create something that looked like the product (cake),” Tina said.

“The final result was custom text designed and manipulated to look like icing.”

“I using decorative elements to add to this and a colour palette that is associated with cakes.”

The logotype, which is a hand-lettering typeface, is also used in the pattern design, but in a larger size that fills the back.

These business cards were printed on a hammered cardstock due to its texture – a clever way to give the cards a rustic feel.

The entire business card design exudes a cheerful, happy vibe that’s destined to impress!


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Lucia's Cakes Business Card

Designed by Tina Homewood

Printed by Printed

For Lucia’s Cakes

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