Pica Pocca business cards

Pica Pocca Personal Branding Business Card

Yan Ling designed these business cards for her personal branding and Etsy shop named Pica Pocca.

“Pica Pocca is a self-initiated project that I’ve done for myself back in late 2019,” Yan Ling said.

“I’ve always been a fan of illustrators based in South Korea that mostly sells merchandise like stickers and art prints.”

“Being a creative myself, they have inspired me to do the same since I’m a huge fan of stickers and cute illustrations too.”

“I decided to leverage my design skills and knowledge in branding to create a brand of my own to continue experimenting with art and design.”

Pica Pocca stickers2


Brand Image

The business card design has a festive pattern on the back. Overall, it gives a nice contrast and create a welcoming, positive feel.

Also, the square layout is perfect for the cards to stand out!

“Pica Pocca is a brand that allows me to be creative and experiment with different illustration styles and merchandise designs,” Yan Ling explained.

“Hence, I gave it a playful and laid back personality that the brand image portrays. It is versatile and free, as I’d want to find my style without too many restrictions.”

“The business card itself showcases Pica Pocca’s brand elements that speak for the brand’s vibe and personality, which is fun and casual.”

Pica Pocca business card1


Logo Design & Typography

The logo is a hand gesture which according to Yan Ling, represents the ‘aha!’ moment designers like herself get whenever an idea sparks in their head.

As for the typography, she said, “I’ve used Visby Round as the brand’s typeface because of its cute and rounded edges around the letters.”

“They show the softness and simplicity of what the brand is all about — being creative and experimental.”

“The graphic elements were inspired by confetti, while the brand colours bring out the fun personality of the brand.”

Pica Pocca logo


The Printing of Business Cards

These square business cards were printed by a local printing shop located in Sunshine Plaza, Singapore.

“I’m someone who prefers cards with a matte finish as they do not reflect the light and prevent any details from getting hidden when there are lights reflecting off them like glossy cards,” Yan Ling said.

“I went down to the printing shop physically and got them printed, and also cut the printed cards manually by myself as my business was just a small personal project and do not require too many cards.”


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Designed by Yan Ling

For Pica Pocca

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