Olvido Coloma business card

Olvido Coloma Creative Direction Business Card

COURE designed these business cards for Olvido Coloma, a company that provides creative direction for events and stage design.

The circular logo is the focus on these vertical business cards, and it stands out even more against a dark background.

“The brand name, Olvido Coloma, contains four letter “O”s, which are the leitmotif of the logo. The first “O” is clearly visible, and below it are the traces of the other 3 “O”s that follow,” explained Júlia Gaspar, the co-founder of COURE.

Olvido Coloma creates set designs and spaces that are made manually or through artisanal work. That’s why the logo has this set of pieces.

“And, it’s also why we have made the business cards with an artisanal method using letterpress and paper relief.”

Olvido Coloma business card_2Olvido Coloma business card_1

According to Julia, her client, who is named Olvido, has blue hair. So, this is the colour that she feels identifies her the most.

“For this reason, the Olvido Coloma brand uses any light blue as its corporate color: pastel, neon, metallic, etc.”

“Furthermore, the metallic ink adds value to the card, giving importance to the physical object that Olvido delivers to its customers in the midst of a world as digital as the one we live in today.”

These business cards were printed by L’Anacrònica, a letterpress printing company in Barcelona, Spain.

“The business cards were printed on Keaykolour Deep Black 450 g/m2 using a special ink – Pantone metallic coated 8281C. The logo was raised printed and the embossed effect can be seen on the other side,” Julia said.

This is a simple yet effective business card design that makes a strong first impression thanks to a special printing technique.

P.S. If you’re impressed with this business card design, be sure to check out another one of COURE’s business card design here. The wordmark and printing techniques are remarkable!

Olvido Coloma business cardsOlvido Coloma_1

Designed by COURE

Printed by L’Anacrònica

For Olvido Coloma

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