Nosso Nós business cards

Nossos Nós Handicraft Business Card

Nathália Ferraz designed these business cards for Nossos Nós, a brand that makes mostly yarn-based handcrafted items.

The business card design reflects an exclusive and modern brand, but at the same time it’s cheerful and creative.

Nossos Nós produces decorative pieces with a more contemporary and personalized approach, focused on three techniques: crochet, macramé and knitting.

After two years in the market, the brand decided to give its brand a makeover, resulting in a current and creative brand that isn’t afraid to try something authentic and turn each purchase into an unforgettable experience.


A Rebranding that Preserves the Original Brand Essence

The brand’s new business cards are a perfect reflection of the company’s mission and the whole atmosphere of their work.

“Because the business owner liked some aspects of the old design, we decided to keep it with minor adjustments to better convey those feelings to the public,” Nathália said.

“We had to give some applications careful consideration because the brand values sustainability.”

“The result was a welcoming, elegant project that caused ‘very strong reactions’ in the team.”

Nosso Nós handicraft pacakging


The Brand’s Monogram

Inspired by the great brands that make high-end and elegant products, a monogram was created to go with the brand’s applications and make it more noticeable.

Using the initials of the brand name, two letters ‘n’ are seen intertwining with each other.

Nathália explained that the monogram represents the link and “intertwining” of the brand with the public.

Apart from that, it’s also portraying the relationship of the macramé knots and the team’s familial bond.

Nosso Nós handicraft products_stickers


An Elegant Typography for the Logotype

Milky Walky Regular, a modern and elegant sans serif font, was chosen as the primary font for the logo. Maung is another font used in the logo’s design.

The main font is both modern and nostalgic, something that’s also at the heart of Nosso Nós.

Nathália said, “Milky Walky Regular’s lightness and bandages represent well the delicate work; the movement and fluidity of the threads, which are the basis of the products offered by the brand.”

“The lowercase version of the typography was used to give the impression of a closer and friendlier relationship between the brand and the public.”

“In addition, some adjustments were made to the typography to give the brand more originality and exclusivity.”

“The secondary font, Maung, is also an elegant typeface but with a rustic feel. It was chosen for its good readability and adds credibility to the logo.”

Nosso Nós yarn handicrated logo


Knot Illustrations and Gradients

The brand’s unique knot illustrations were inspired by macramé knots, the type of craft they work with the most.

Also, its emphasis on sustainability inspired the use of muted, earthy tones. However, using a gradient on one of the back designs is a smart idea!

“The gradient was chosen to give a more modern touch and bring more versatility to the brand,” Nathália remarked.

“The chosen tones give sobriety, making it elegant and exclusive. At the same time, they bring a welcoming and cheerful tone.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Nathália suggested printing the business cards on matte coated paper. Apart from that, varnish would be applied to the logo and contact details on the card as well.


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Designed by Nathália Ferraz

For Nossos Nós

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