Modern Metier business card

Modern Metier Digital Platform Business Card

Tomomi Maezawa designed these business cards for Modern Metier, a digital platform to find talented architects, interior designers and independent brands for your next project.

Modern Metier aims to provide the best architects and interior designers for your private or professional projects.

One can make contacts with local experts, find inspiration and also purchase decorative objects, lighting and furniture from independent designers at Modern Metier.

Modern Metier logo_animationModern Metier business card and pattern

“Inspired by old Bauhaus architectural sketches, my idea was to show Modern Metier as a sketchbook, where a user can draw his or her dream project with the help of architects and designers. It aims to represent humanities (ambition and human connection) and also authenticities (artisanship and professionalism),” Tomomi explained.

Modern Metier’s logo mark consists of two M’s (from the brand name), representing a door to the brand.

According to Tomomi, the evenly spaced pattern can be cropped as a supersize graphic to create a virtually endless composition.

As for the colour palette, it represents a faded sketchbook and colour pencils. The typography used in the visual identity employs a humanist font to add warmth and personality to the brand.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “They should be digitally printed on smooth, white card paper. The finish is not glossy,” Tomomi suggested.

An interesting business card design that showcases smart use of colour combinations and geometric shapes for that memorable impact!

Modern Metier business card2Modern Metier business card3Modern Metier 3D geometric shapesModern Metier logomarkModern Metier typographyModern Metier poster Modern Metier billboard

Designed by Tomomi Maezawa

For Modern Metier

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