Cul-de-sac Design Studio Business Card

Cul-de-sac business card_5

Cul-de-sac Creative designed these business cards for their corporate branding as an Adelaide-based studio that designs alluring visual brands for businesses, organisations and individuals. The brand’s visual identity was inspired by Mid-century modern style paired with Bauhaus design. Speaking of…

Kailum Mcclain Architecture Business Card

Kailum Mcclain business cards2

Rolans Kims designed these business cards for Kailum Mcclain, a freelance architect. According to Rolans, the design concept was inspired by contemporary and modern architecture – brutalism, Bauhaus and American modernism. “The identity was based on ‘perspective’ concept – both…

Modern Metier Digital Platform Business Card

Modern Metier business card

Tomomi Maezawa designed these business cards for Modern Metier, a digital platform to find talented architects, interior designers and independent brands for your next project. Modern Metier aims to provide the best architects and interior designers for your private or…