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Kailum Mcclain Architecture Business Card

Rolans Kims designed these business cards for Kailum Mcclain, a freelance architect.

According to Rolans, the design concept was inspired by contemporary and modern architecture – brutalism, Bauhaus and American modernism.

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“The identity was based on ‘perspective’ concept – both in psychological and architectural sense. It aims to reflect the lateral way of thinking and unusual solutions used by the architect.”

“It had to feel serious, but original and bold at the same time. Its elements also had to be highly scalable and adaptable. Due to this, a minimal design direction was chosen.”

The business card design is clean and simple, with the focus on the logo and the brand itself.

Kailum Mcclain business card_front

“Through the business card design, the client wanted to communicate the attention to detail that he puts into his projects while keeping the identity simple enough to let the works take the front stage.”

The typography used in the visual identity is Space Grotesk. As for the colours, “Most of the palette wasn’t inspired by anything in particular – it was a matter of communicating the minimal yet bold style of the client. However, the blue grey colour was loosely inspired by the concrete.”

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “The cards are expected to have a rough texture; parts with ink having glossier texture and being slightly elevated above the surface,” Rolans suggested.

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Designed by Rolans Kims

For Kailum Mcclain

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