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Mad Benji Burger Restaurant Business Card

Hue Studio designed these business cards for Mad Benji, a café located in Berwick, Victoria, Australia.

At Mad Benji, you can get breakfast, brunch, and burgers all in one place. The restaurant aims to provide good food and service to their customers.

Their business cards exude friendliness thanks to the various ways in which the logotype is presented, each features a different facial expression. An interesting departure from the standard practise of drawing a mascot.

According to Vian Risanto, the creative director of Hue Studio, the client wanted a business card and a loyalty card combined. Hue Studio was entrusted to develop the visual identity.


Unique Logo Design

“The inspiration behind the logo is a face,” Vian said.

“The old logo only had one dot above the uppercase ‘I.’ In the updated version, we added a second dot for the letter ‘J’ and also some teeth.”

“Clearly, the face you see on the card is Benji, and he’s mad!”

Mad Benji logo

Bold Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is a slightly customised design based on Chaney, a font by Atipo Foundry.

“We chose Chaney because it’s bold and tight, and we modified it so that the letters more closely resemble teeth.”

“The idea was to make the business cards look bold, dynamic, but simple on both sides.”


Colour Palette

Mad Benji’s business cards come in three colour versions: orange, green and grey. Each with a different text arrangement on the brand name.

“The burger bun inspired the orange colour,” Vian explained.

“The vegetables, vegan and vegetarian menus inspired the green. The grey and white are used as complementary colours.”

Mad Benji business cards


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by LEP Colour Printers, a printing company based in Australia.

“The business cards were printed on 350gsm recycled board using a 4-colour print on both sides,” Vian said.

This is a cost-effective multipurpose business card that incorporates subtle yet memorable branding that conveys friendliness!


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Designed by Hue Studio

Printed by LEP Colour Printers

For Mad Benji

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