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Luzit Digital Agency Business Card

Studio Fass designed these business cards for Luzit, a digital communication agency that helps people to have greater reach on the internet; uniting companies and their clients.

“Luzit is managed by two brothers: Andressa and Luiz. The agency works on projects to build custom sites,” said Rodrigo Fass, the Designer at Studio Fass.

“It believes that a company that’s not on the internet today is losing a world of opportunities.”


Brand Image

“The motto of the brand is connectivity. On the front of the card, the graphics represent the ‘connections’ with part of the logo.”

“The idea is for the card receiver to see that Luzit is a creative company; modern and different from the competitors.”

“We believe that brands are like people. So, we brought out the characteristics of the founders to the brand concept: the exoteric side together with a creative language.”


Logo Design & Pattern

The logo was inspired by the flower of life in the shape of a crystal showing the connections.

“The Flower of Life is the modern name given to a geometric figure composed of multiple overlapping circles, evenly spaced and arranged to form a flower-like pattern,” Rodrigo explained.

“It is considered by some to be a symbol of sacred geometry and a talisman, depicting the fundamental forms of space and time.”

“The flower is considered a visual expression of the ‘connections’ that life weaves, as a summary of the basic information about all life forms.”

Luzit logosLuzit logo construction


Typography and Business Card Printing

The name Luzit comes from the word Luz, which means ‘Light’ in Portuguese. The colour palette used in the visual identity was inspired by (the colours of) light refraction.

As for the typography, it was a modified version of Odudo to make it more harmonic with the branding.

Luzit’s business cards were printed by Printi. According to Rodrigo, Pantone colour is needed for the gradient pattern to look good.

“The cards were printed on a matte background – couche paper over 300 grams; with relief on the graphic (on the front). This is to create a high-end vibe matching the premium target audience of Luzit.”


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Luzit business card2Luzit stationery5Luzit stationery_1Luzit business cardLuzit business cards2Luzit_stationeryLuzit stationery Luzit jacket

Designed by Studio Fass (Estúdio Fass)

Printed by Printi

For Luzit

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