Kristin Tørå Rantanen Illustrator Business Card

These eye-catching business cards were designed by Elegante Press for a Norwegian illustrator, Kristin Tørå Rantanen.

Elegante Press first came up with the concept of combining two spectacular techniques together– letterpress printing and water-colour painting – to showcase the illustrator’s brand identity.

Then, contact details were printed and a Scandinavian Moomin shape were drawn in thin line onto the business cards.

Now, instead of a monochrome business card, Kristin can create colourful visual branding with watercolours however she feels like it – reviving the artwork while making a memorable impression!

These business cards were printed on 500gsm radiant white cotton paper.

Designed by Elegante Press

Printed by Elegante Press

For Kristin Tørå Rantanen

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Jennifer Wong
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