Humtree forest product business cards

HumTree Fair Trade Business Cards

Studio Ping Pong designed these business cards for HumTree, a small-batch fair trade brand with products sourced from Sundarbans, India.

HumTree’s goals are to offer high-quality products at an affordable price and give back to the local forest workers by generating employment opportunities.

Studio Ping Pong collaborated with HumTree and brought their captivating brand story to life through the development of the brand name, brand identity, and packaging for their honey.

These business cards are part of the branding project, and we love the incorporation of cultural and organic influences into the design elements!


Naming and Brand Image

HumTree works with indigenous communities using forest-friendly practices, and this sense of harmony and community was highlighted in its naming and branding.

First of all, the word “Hum” in the brand name originated from the Hindi word for “us,” which was also inspired by the sound of bees.

Secondly, the word “Tree” reflects the brand’s commitment to natural practices.

When asked about the brand image, the graphic designer of Studio Ping Pong explained, “The visual design was made using linocut-style hand-drawn motifs and illustrations inspired by imagery from nature.”

“These elements not only evoke the harmonious coexistence of flora and fauna that the brand stood for but also emphasise the craftsmanship of its products.”

Humtree logo


Logo and Typography

According to Studio Ping Pong, the logotype was custom-designed especially for Humtree, borrowing from the vernacular alphabet (the letter M) of the region.

“A modified Pally typeface was used for titles and subtitles to stand out on shelves, while Basic Sans was used for body text.”

Good Dog New and Chantal were used within the packaging to complement the hand-drawn style illustrations.”


Colour Palette

The colour palette chosen for HumTree’s branding revolves around earthy greens and browns, reminiscent of the lush forests where their products were made.

For the honey packaging, a deep brown colour is used to represent the colour of honey.

Apart from that, it is complemented by flavour-based tones of magenta, green, and gold, adding a touch of vibrancy and visual appeal.



Besides the striking green tones on the business card, another prominent element is none other than the illustrations: botanical on one side and people holding hands on the other.

Asking the inspiration behind this fascinating detail, Studio Ping Pong replied, “The word ‘Hum’ in India is significant of a community or a collective.”

“HumTree is a brand that puts community at its centre as it works with local indigenous communities.”

“We wanted to echo this idea by making the people of HumTree the focal point in the packaging and the visiting card.”

“Even the illustrations are done in linocut style to look crude and organic to denote the overall tone of the brand.”


Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were designed to be printed on 250 gsm Geneva Green Sona Paper for a two-colour screen print using the brand colours of white and brown.

“The design was done keeping in mind that we use minimum screens to produce three versions of the visiting card—two for the founders and one standard design for the team.”

Overall, these unique business cards are a true testament to a brand that puts quality products and community at the centre of it all, subsequently creating a lasting impression that resonates with their target audience.


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Designed by Studio Ping Pong

For HumTree

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