Faby coffee business cards

Faby Coffee Business Card

Sang Minh Nguyen designed these business cards for Faby, a café that provides young people with a relaxed and unique atmosphere to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and artfully crafted pastries.

The brand’s visuals are an expression of its values—friendly, sincere, active and caring, with the hope that each cup of Faby’s coffee savoured by a customer will be a treasured memory.


A Welcoming Brand Image

According to Sang Minh, the name Faby was inspired by the owner’s vision.

“The brand owner hopes that customers will feel fabulous when enjoying a cup of coffee and having great experiences at the café,” she said.

The business card design is modern and welcoming. The most eye-catching element is none other than the back design, which actually has an interesting concept behind it.

“The client wants to convey the concept image of sparkling coffee beans like pearls, and painted the edges to make it more impressive.”


The Coffee Bean Illustration

The brand’s concept is that coffee beans sparkle like jewels. The ellipse is a superposition to show the character of the coffee beans and the pearls.

“Both shapes on the business card are coffee beans, and the ray of light represents the sparkle of light emanating from the jewel,” Sang Minh said.

“You know, when coffee beans grow from a tree, they grow layer by layer on top of each other, and that’s why the ellipse overlaps. And the gem also shares the same elliptical shape as the coffee bean.”

Faby coffee business card


Modern Typography and Blue Colour

The typeface used for the logotype is GT Eesti Text Trial, while Roboto is used for the body text.

The logo and heading both use the geometric font set GT Eesti Text Trial, which has smooth curves like coffee beans and clean lines for a contemporary feel.

The colours are selected with the brand’s personality in mind. Blue symbolises sincerity and modernity, orange depicts enthusiasm, and yellow represents creativity and dynamism.

Sang Minh chose to give Faby a distinctly blue look instead of the usual brownish tone for the brand’s visual identity.

She said, “We chose blue as the main colour because the brand’s personality is sincere and trustworthy, and its philosophy of taking the trust and satisfaction of customers as the brand’s core values.”

“As you already know, people will usually choose brown and beige for a coffee shop, while very few cafés choose blue. For this reason, blue can help Faby stand out and be memorable.”

Faby coffee loyalty cards


Colours for the Packaging Design

The brand has three main product lines: signature, Colombian roast, and the bright blend.

The signature uses the trademark green colour, Colombian roast uses orange (representing the roasting process of the coffee) and white is used for the bright blend, the lightest coffee product.


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed at the local printing press using fine art paper that feels grainy like coffee beans.

Then, a UV coating was applied to the light beam on the business card to show off the sparkle in the concept.

As for the painted edges, “They were to show the fabulousness that customers feel inside when experiencing the brand,” Sang Minh added.


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Designed by Sang Minh Nguyen

For Faby

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