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Lieza Restaurant Business Card

Lieza business cards

Storm Slash Studio designed these business cards for Lieza, a Singapore-based restaurant founded by Renata Lo Duca to introduce new and bold traditional Italian culinary styles to the countries where she lives.   Logo & Naming The logo design is…

Farmhouse Restaurant Business Card

Farmhouse business cards

Kirsten Bolender designed these business cards for Farmhouse, a sustainable restaurant based in Frankfurt, Germany. “The concept of the ‘Farmhouse’ is based on the Farm-To-Table movement. Since the majority of the food is grown in the internal vegetable farm, the…

Henrietta Restaurant Business Card

Henrietta business card

Juli Janny designed these business cards for Henrietta, a chicken restaurant serving quality food without additives. “Henrietta wants their guests to have a good time, feel happy and forget about the stress they may have,” Juli said. The business card…