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SOBAN Soda Business Card

Soban business cards

The Hidden Phantom designed these business cards for SOBAN soda, a Japanese beverage manufacturing company. The client wanted to develop a summer beverage brand that embodied the vitality, dynamism and energy of today’s youth. Therefore, it’s important for the business…

Faby Coffee Business Card

Faby coffee business cards

Sang Minh Nguyen designed these business cards for Faby, a café that provides young people with a relaxed and unique atmosphere to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and artfully crafted pastries. The brand’s visuals are an expression of its values—friendly, sincere,…

MyLifeLab Learning Business Card

My Life Lab business card

Ben Loiz Studio designed these business cards for MyLifeLab, a conscious education learning center focused on developing meaning-making within academics and learning agilities uniquely fit for growing children in today’s digital age. Ben was approached by MyLifeLab to develop a…