My Life Lab business card

MyLifeLab Learning Business Card

Ben Loiz Studio designed these business cards for MyLifeLab, a conscious education learning center focused on developing meaning-making within academics and learning agilities uniquely fit for growing children in today’s digital age.

Ben was approached by MyLifeLab to develop a suite of printed materials for business communication and advertising.

The business card design opted for a vertical layout with blue, green, purple being the main colours for the logo and line patterns.

“The type facing upward in the logo points to growth and positive guidance,” Ben explained.

“It also represents a paradigm shift and turning education on its head.”

“Blue expresses assurance, green suggests growth, and purple, creativity.”

“The supporting line illustrations convey the mind and feeling of a teenager as they navigate the transition between high school and college, and how MyLifeLab helps them on their journey to find their pathway.”

These business cards were offset-printed in full colour by F.A. Daniels with spot raised shiny UV coating highlighting the illustration.

Overall, it’s a compelling business card design that sparks interests and curiosity.


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My Life Lab businesscardMy Life Lab logotypeMy Life Lab envelope My Life Lab leaflet My Life Lab leaflet2

Designed by Ben Loiz Studio

Printed by F.A. Daniels Printing Company

For MyLifeLab

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