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SOBAN Soda Business Card

The Hidden Phantom designed these business cards for SOBAN soda, a Japanese beverage manufacturing company.

The client wanted to develop a summer beverage brand that embodied the vitality, dynamism and energy of today’s youth.

Therefore, it’s important for the business card design to reflect all these qualities when presenting to their target customers.

The business card design is simple yet eye-catching with the creative use of colour.


Simple Yet Clever Logo Design

The logo design was inspired by the geometric shape. According to the graphic designers, they chose two circles to portray the shape of the energy.

“We divided the circle into two sections, one with only lines and the other keeping the monolithic,” they said.

“Then, we placed them in a way to deflect a range to represent two faces: a boy’s face facing to the right, and a smiling face.”

Soban logo colours


Simple Typography & Fruity Colours

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Helvetica Neue LT Std and SFU Futura.

Both fonts are simple sans serifs that complement the design perfectly and present a professional image without competing with the existing vibrant designs.

The brand’s colour palette was inspired by the fruity colours, which are typically found in summertime soft drinks.


A Fun Graphic Pattern

The business cards also use colourful shapes that give off a fun, party-like vibe.

The designers went on to explain that the colourful shapes were actually created by using the three shapes from the logo.

“These three shapes together could create different facial expressions.”

“We used the concept as a teen code snippet to combine the shapes into one line of emotional faces that could be stacked with symbols, letters or images.”

“These shapes can change colours, and six colours were chosen that were suitable for summer and emotion.”

Soban soda pattern and stationery

“The colours used are equal, depending on the theme. One colour is chosen while the remaining five colours will serve as the secondary colour.”

These colourful shapes are also used in the packaging design to create an image of the fruit that symbolises the four main SOBAN flavours.

“We wanted the fruit images on the soda cans to stand out and make it easy for customers to choose the flavour they loved,” the graphic designers said.

Along with the eye-catching fruit images, the logo and line visual key are located at the bottom of the soda cans to give them a distinctive look.


The Printing of Business Cards

The Hidden Phantom suggested that these business cards can be printed on basic papers such as Bristol, Couche, and Ford because of their smooth surface.

“We recommend the UV coating printing method, which prints the colour directly on white paper. This method is easy to implement as well as has high endurance,” they suggested.


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