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Ephema Dance Institution Business Card

Camilla Grønbeck Green and Anne Kathrine Nørregaard designed these business cards as part of a new visual identity for Ephema, a Danish choreography and dance institution based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“This project was a part of a study course at DMJX (Danish School of Media & Journalism),” Camilla and Anne said.

“In recent years, Dansehallerne has undergone a major transformation. The design challenge was to take the institution to the next level.”


The Origin of the Brand Name

The old name, Dansehallerne, was originally founded in the old buildings, where the institution once had its base.

But since they had to relocate, Camilla and Anne decided to rename and reset the institution because the old name (“the dance halls”) did not translate well to English.

“The design challenge was to design a new identity that would portray Dansehallerne as one of Europe’s leading dance and choreography institutions.”

“The new identity is dynamic, powerful and adaptable to all types of dance, choreography and stage art.”


The Unique Text Layout

The business card design is super creative with playful typography and a unique text arrangement to capture the prospect’s attention.

Instead of having the cardholder’s name in the centre, it was displayed at the sides of the card, arranged so that it could be read from large to small font sizes!

According to Camilla and Anne, the new name, Ephemeral, is derived from the Greek word ephemeros.

“It refers to something that’s temporary, lasting for a short time only.”

“The concept was built around the very idea of dance being an ephemeral art form.”

“Dance is only present in the moment. Unlike other contemporary art forms, a dance can’t be hung on a wall or archived for later use.”

Ephema logo


Slanted Typography & Dynamic Colour Palette

The primary typeface used is called Güggeli, a slightly slanted sans serif font by Studio Fabio Biesel.

Its unique letterforms perfectly show the contemporary side of the dance institution.

The secondary typeface used is Hanken Grotesk by Hanken Design Co.

“We chose Güggeli to express a playful and different look for the brand,” Camilla and Anne explained.

“The typeface frames the art beautifully, while remaining playful and recognizable at the same time.”

“For the brand colours, they were inspired by the photos of the dance performances set up by Dansehallerne.”

“This creates a dynamic colour palette, which is playful and constantly renewed through each season.”

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Camilla and Anne said they would go for a slightly textured and matte thick paper.


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Designed by Anne Kathrine Nørregaard & Camilla Grønbeck Green

For Ephema (Ephemeral)

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