Ephema Dance Institution Business Card

Ephema business cards

Camilla Grønbeck Green and Anne Kathrine Nørregaard designed these business cards as part of a new visual identity for Ephema, a Danish choreography and dance institution based in Copenhagen, Denmark. “This project was a part of a study course at…

Banko Burger Business Card

Bankor Burger business cards

Bensu Atila designed these business cards for Banko Burger, a restaurant that serves delicious burgers located in Moda, Istanbul. “Banko Burger uses traditional cheese and special sauces. The naming of the brand was from a poem and because the street…

Planit 147 Cosmetic Business Card

Planit 147 business cards

Studio Form & Function designed these business cards for Planit 147, a cosmetics brand. Planit 147 is a service platform that allows customers who do not have sufficient expertise or business experience in cosmetics to receive customized solutions through services…