Daptone Records business cards

Daptone Records Business Cards

Gustav Karlsson Thors designed these business cards for Daptone Records, an independent soul- funk- and gospel label founded in 2001 in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The inspiration for this conceptual design comes from old vintage concert tickets, with the desaturated colors and gridded typography.

The typeface used in the visual identity is called Super Duper.

According to Gustav, the logotype is a D made of a stylized bended vinyl, which is a metaphor for Daptone Records.

“The new op-art pattern is based on the logotype. But it’s inspired by the tracks of a vinyl record, the safety pattern usually seen on concert tickets and by the groovy pattern sometimes seen on soul- or funk posters,” explained Gustav.

The logo can also be seen as audio waves or the shape of an ear, all closely related to the brand’s industry.

Gustav printed these business cards himself via digital printing on 300g matte paper with a slight texture.

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Designed by Gustav Karlsson Thors

For Daptone Records

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