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Croatian Phonographic Association Business Card

Croatian Phonographic Association business card

Ivan Dilberovic designed these business cards for the Croatian Phonographic Association. “My motto for this project is: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I suggested my client to use the old vinyls that were never sold but they had left stored at…

DJ Alex Business Card

DJ Alex business card

Alevtina Grinmiris designed these business cards for DJ Alex, an aspiring DJ who offers services for musical accompaniment of corporate parties. “A business card for a DJ should look like a vinyl record! The black circle is a movable element.…

Daptone Records Business Cards

Daptone Records business cards

Gustav Karlsson Thors designed these business cards for Daptone Records, an independent soul- funk- and gospel label founded in 2001 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The inspiration for this conceptual design comes from old vintage concert tickets, with the desaturated colors and…