DJ Alex business card

DJ Alex Business Card

Alevtina Grinmiris designed these business cards for DJ Alex, an aspiring DJ who offers services for musical accompaniment of corporate parties.

“A business card for a DJ should look like a vinyl record! The black circle is a movable element. The card can be twisted in the hands as a spinner,” Alevtina said.

Explaining more about the design inspiration, Alevtina continued, “The idea of a business card in the form of a vinyl is old, but in this form I have not seen it yet. The vinyl looks like real because of 3D Varnish. It was attached to the card with the silver eyelet.”

These business cards were digitally printed on coated paper 300 gr by 4 Colors Printing Factory in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The cards were then applied with cutting and 3D varnish (MGI JetVarnish 3Ds Foil) for that added appeal!

DJ Alex business cardsDJ Alex businesscard

Designed by Alevtina Grinmiris

Printed by 4 Colors Printing Factory

For DJ Alex

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