Croatian Phonographic Association business card

Croatian Phonographic Association Business Card

Ivan Dilberovic designed these business cards for the Croatian Phonographic Association.

“My motto for this project is: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. I suggested my client to use the old vinyls that were never sold but they had left stored at the warehouse. Each vinyl is laser cut into the shape of a business card and I’ve made 10 regular-sized business cards out of one vinyl,” Ivan said.

Croatian Phonographic Association_2Croatian Phonographic Association_Croatian Phonographic Association business cards
According to Ivan, the contact info was printed via screen-printing technique on each of the card after they were cut. In doing so, there are no two identical cards among them. The best part, is that each card is functional and has its very own sound signature, as Ivan claimed, “I’ve tried it – the cards are still playable!”

These business cards were printed by Fertis in Croatia. The cards were screen-printed on used, cutout music vinyls. It’s a unique and interesting idea not only for recycling purposes but also a good representation of what the phonographic association stands for.

Croatian Phonographic Association_11Croatian Phonographic Association_12Croatian Phonographic Association_13Croatian Phonographic Association_7Croatian Phonographic Association_10Croatian Phonographic Association_6Croatian Phonographic Association_9Croatian Phonographic Association_3

Designed by Ivan Dilberovic

Printed by Fertis

For Croatian Phonographic Association

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