Danae Herrmann Photography business card

Danae Herrmann Photography Business Card

Unlisted LLC designed these business cards for Danae Herrmann Photography, a Wisconsin, Colorado and Thailand-based adventure photographer who specialized in capturing couples in the great outdoors.

“Specializing in destination and elopements, the Danae Hermann Photography brand needed to be a perfect hybrid of National Geographic and wedding photography,” said Michael and Kristi, the Co-founders and Creative Directors at Unlisted LLC.

Danae Herrmann Photography logo2Danae Herrmann Photography icon and logo variationsDanae Herrmann Photography logo

Instead of using the typical camera icon for a photographer’s logo, Unlisted LLC chose a more unique approach and for good reasons too.

“The logo itself is custom typography styled to capture the rugged elegance of ‘romance meets adventure’ and the icon is based upon the scenic view of the mountains as you enter Ouray, Colorado — the photographer credits early memories of family trips to this location as inspiration for her to travel the world taking beautiful photographs,” Michael and Kristi said.

These business cards were printed by MOO using Luxe 32pt Business Cards. According to Unlisted LLC, this print was chosen for the uncoated, natural texture that shows through to reinforce the organic and nature-inspired brand.

Danae Herrmann Photography business cardsDanae Herrmann Photography business cardDanae Herrmann Photography_cardsDanae Herrmann Photography brandingDanae Herrmann PhotographyDanae Herrmann Photography stationery

Designed by Unlisted LLC

Printed by MOO

For Danae Herrmann Photography

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