Casa del Valle business cards

Casa del Valle Multidisciplinary Space Business Card

Tiare Payano designed these business cards for Casa del Valle, a multidisciplinary space born from a lovely couple’s unique vision where Mexican pottery and Japanese floristry (Ikebana) meet to make a single moment last forever. It is located in the Dominican Republic.

Casa del Valle, which means ‘The Valley House’, was founded in 2020 by Alejandro and Hikari. The foundation of the brand was built on the philosophy ‘enjoying the little things in life and what we have now’. Therefore, it is important for the brand identity to reflect that message, apart from honouring the cultural duality of its creators.


Casa del Valle’s Logo Design & Colours

“The sun was selected as the main symbolic element due to its influence as a direct source of origin for both disciplines – its rich symbolism, and its strong anthropological roots,” Tiare explained.

“For the colour palette, colloquial tones were chosen based on the vivacity of Mexican architecture.”

Casa del Valle business cards2


Typography & Illustrations

FH Cordelia was chosen and customized for the logotype, in order to allude to the Japanese’s characteristic calligraphy strokes. This is reinforced with the rest of the versatile and sophisticated typeface family.

Other typefaces used in the business card design including Lovelace and Migra.

“Finally, this visual language blends harmoniously with Kamisaka Sekka’s classic illustrations, meaningful patterns and modern icons to emphasize form, style and feel,” Tiare added.


Unique Feature of the Business Card

According to Tiare, the core of Casa del Valle’s design is based on harmony and balance; in choosing correctly which aspects will display its duality.

For the business card design, this is demonstrated with the lively selection of colours, evoking the Mexican essence followed by the Japanese writing style and the use of their Honorific Suffix.

These business cards are not printed yet but if they were, “I would love to get them printed on an uncoated paper of 350g with embossed finish, if I ever get the chance,” Tiare suggested.

Designed by Tiare Payano

For Casa del Valle

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