Mosses Bazaar Florist Brand Business Card

Mosses Bazaar florist business cards

Ewelina Kotra designed these business cards for Mosses Bazaar, a floristic brand with a story to tell. Ewelina managed the visual identity, packaging design, and art direction of the brand. With a delicate touch, she transformed her client’s dream into…

Casa del Valle Multidisciplinary Space Business Card

Casa del Valle business cards

Tiare Payano designed these business cards for Casa del Valle, a multidisciplinary space born from a lovely couple’s unique vision where Mexican pottery and Japanese floristry (Ikebana) meet to make a single moment last forever. It is located in the…

The Stone Willow Floral Design Business Card

Stone Willow Studio business card

Tia Queen and Brenton Craig designed these business cards for The Stone Willow Studio, an Australian floral design studio inspired by Ikebana and the ‘weirdos’ of the plant realm. “Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging,” explained Brenton Craig,…