Judith Jaros Business Card

Judith Jaros business card

Judith Jaros designed these business cards for her self-branding as a Digital Experience Designer from Venezuela living in Tel Aviv.

“I was my own client, which is the hardest client to please,” said Judith, explaining her design process and ideas. “I wanted them to feel vibrant and exciting. That’s why I came out with the idea of the gradient cards.”

Judith wanted a lot of colours which she thinks is something very characteristic of her style and personality. “Being Latin American, colour and vibrant colours were always part of my day to day life and then became a very defining feature in my language as a designer. I also wanted them to feel innovative, which is the area I am most interested in; high tech and companies that want to create digital products that will help and improve our lives in different ways.”

As of who printed these simple yet eye-catching business cards, Judith said, “Moo, which is the best one for this job, really. I printed them with rounded corners to connect them more with the digital world on a matte surface and with a spot of gloss on the logo which gave them a nice touch.”

Judith Jaros business card

Designed by Judith Jaros

Printed by Moo

For Judith Jaros personal branding

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