Dots on Dots Ceramics Business Card

Dots on Dots Business Cards

Two Define designed these business cards for Dots on Dots, a new small brand from a humble ceramic artist that recently launched her first product line.

Two Define came up with the campaign name, Handmade Ceramic Grand Amour, which gives the brand a cozy, organic yet dreamy feel for its customers.

Dots on Dots Business Card_2

“The idea is that Dots on Dots brings unique and colourful homes made for your little plants. Fat plants, if possible,” said Cristiana Ceschin, the graphic designer of Two Define.

“We designed a visual identity system based on typography and colour, adding a gestural interpretation of the organic shapes of the collection, which is the theme of the campaign, Handmade Ceramic Grand Amour.”

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Editorial New and Pangram Sans, both from the Pangram Pangram foundry.

Dots on Dots Business Card

Speaking of the inspiration behind the colour palette, Cristiana said, “The colours were designed to enhance the appearance of the ceramics. So, we chose not to use the exact same hues, but something that would somehow complement and go well with the products.”


“Obviously, there’s an emotional component, it had to be cheerful yet sophisticated.”

These business cards are not printed yet, but if they were, “We’d suggest the cards be printed on Fedrigoni’s Materica Gesso, with a paper weight of 360g/m². This paper has a beautiful textured feel and a few micro imperfections due to the high percentage of fibres and recycled material.”

“In addition, we would recommend painted edges so that the cards stand out even more.”

Dots on Dots Business Card_3Dots on Dots typeDots on Dots Vase2Dots on Dots Box_2Dots on Dots_Box


Designed by Two Define

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For Dots on Dots

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