Appart Business Card

Appart business card

Antonio Calvino designed these business cards for Appart, a Belgium-based design studio specialized in the creation of websites and apps.

Speaking of the brand name, Antonio said, “The word Apart in Dutch has an abstract meaning. It can be used negatively, but mostly positively. It stands for all types of words such as ‘special, unique, one of a kind, on its own’, but also ‘weird’ or ‘unusual’. From this Dutch word and the union between the words ‘App’ and ‘Art’, the name derives.”

Appart logo
The typography used in the logotype is Neue Haas Grotesk, a clean sans serif typeface.

“It was used to incorporate the sensations of a modernist design. Some letters were cut to form a negative square, both in the horizontal and vertical format, symbol of the manifesto of the studio: a simple design,” Antonio explained.

Appart business cardsAppart_stone brick
Instead of the usual rectangular layout, a square layout was chosen to echo the shape of the logotype. The main colours used in the visual identity are grey, black and orange.

“Even the visual of the stone brick takes the same form and evokes that Brutalist feeling that the studio wants.”

These business cards are not printed yet, but according to Antonio, they will be printed on a coated paper of 350g.

“We decided to use coloured papers: grey, orange and black,” Antonio added.

Appart business card-1Appart envelopeAppart digital mediaAppart tote bagAppart poster

Designed by Antonio Calvino

For Appart

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