Almanova Home Decor Business Card

Almanova Home Decor business cards

Octavio Rocha designed these business cards for Almanova Home Décor, a small business that produces ornamental covers for flower pots.

The overall branding, including the business card, is designed to portray elegance, delicacy and handwork.

Almanova bag


Logo Design & Patterns

The word ‘Alma’ in the brand name means soul in Portuguese. When asked about the design inspiration behind the logo, Octavio shared that it was inspired by nature, soul, renovation and handmade. He explains further,

“The logo is a combination of leaves, to represent nature while a sparkle to represent soul. The leaves are disposed in a way that is also referencing two hands holding something in order to relate to handwork. All of these symbols are restrained in a circle to represent renovation.”

“The shapes and patterns are variations of the logo itself merged together, which also visually recall ‘Cogobós’, an artifact used for architecture and decoration to bring more light to an ambient, therefore supplying more light to the plants. There are some flower vectors as well to compose.”

Almanova Home Decor logoAlmanova Home Decor business cards2

Typography & Colours

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Casta, Lostamasta and Helvetica Now.

“These typefaces were chosen for its elegance and pointy edges, which reminded me of rose thorns,” Octavio said.

The colour pallete used including cognac brown colours, gable green and beige. It was inspired by terrain colours to match Almanova’s products.

Almanova stationery


“These are the colours widely used in interior decoration. The colour brown conveys a sense of calm, comfort and quality. As for beige, it seeks to contrast with brown, referring to elegance; while green, refers to the connection with nature and sustainability.”

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “The cards would be printed on 300g couche paper with copper hot stamp,” Octavio suggested.

Almanova Home Decor business cardAlmanova Home Decor stationeryAlmanova logo and iconsAlmanova floral illustration

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Designed by Octavio Rocha

For Almanova Home Decor

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