Botandra Plant Interior Design Business Card

Botandra Plant Interior Design Business Card

Kira Bausch designed these business cards for Botandra, a botanical and plant interior design studio based in New York City.

The business card idea is to combine minimalism with elegance!

Even though it’s a brand with a focus on plants, it still manages to shine through the green colour scheme and grab people’s attention, thanks to some well-executed design elements.

For instance, the business card has both horizontal and vertical layouts, with the latter hosting the contact details with a catchy monogram at the centre.

Botandra Plant Interior Design Business Cards


A Luxury Brand Image

Botandra provides some of the most beautiful plants for luxury homes, transforming people’s homes into a beautiful, green haven.

Their slogan, “Connecting your home with nature,” is a clear statement on the company’s goal and how it operates.

In accordance with that, Kira created an identity that reflects both naturalness and luxury of the brand.

Botandra Plant Interior Design logotype


Elegant Logo and Typography

The typeface used for the logo is a very elegant serif font called Luxoorea.

“Our idea was to design a type-based logo that directly incorporates the brand mark,” Kira explained.

To personalize the brand even further, the first letter of the brand name was customized into a unique and stylish symbol.

“We wanted to incorporate a natural element into the design. In such, we took a Monstera leaf as inspiration and the base for the monogram and modified it to a ‘B’ script font shape.”

“It was important to consider the proportions of the typeface that the monogram harmonized perfectly with the rest of the logo.”

Botandra plant interior logo exploration


Green and Natural Tones

When it comes to color choice, Kira explained that naturalness dominates the brand identity.

“The color palette consists of green as the main color and is extended by a few natural shades.”

“We chose a luxurious and nude green shade to communicate the luxury side of the business as well.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed on 700g/m2 Colorplan paper with a beautiful letterpress finish.

According to Kira, the next batch of business cards will include gold foil edges to better emphasize the luxury and premium nature of the business.


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Designed by Kira Bausch

For Botandra

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