Bonventi winery business cards

Bonventi Winery Business Card

Pedro Paulino and Sérgio Fonseca designed these business cards for Bonventi, a winery in São Paulo, Brazil.

The winery’s business card design exudes elegance with its aesthetic design and stunning typography. The cards come with two colour variations as well: green and red.

Bonventi was founded with the goal of becoming a small producer of very high-quality wine.

Bonventi is not only a winery but also a small, luxurious inn with chalets where visitors can stay and learn about the entire process of making wine, from planting to bottling.


A Contemporary Brand Image

The Bonventi family originates from a medieval Italian city named Mantova. Pedro and Sérgio set out to define the entire visual identity based on the roots of the family.

“The business card is often the first impression people have when they meet a new company or a new brand,” they said.

“The idea behind the business card was to represent the brand in a contemporary and minimalist way based on the look of traditional Italian family coats of arms.”

Bonventi winery businesscard


A Custom-Designed Logotype

Pedro and Sérgio claimed that the logo was influenced by the distinctive Art Deco artistic style found in the signs of the facades of classic Italian establishments.

“We developed an exclusive and imposing typography with capital and narrow letters featuring sumptuous serifs and unique ligatures.”

The interconnectivity between some of the letters (N, V, E, T) allowed for the creation of a unique and exclusive logo that bridged modernity with tradition.

Bonventi winery logotype


The Eagle Symbol

Pedro and Sérgio repurposed the eagle symbol from the Bonventi family coat of arms and created monograms to honour the family’s history.

“The winery is located in Espirito Santo do Pinhal, and the symbol that represents the Divine Espirito Santo is the image of a dove with open wings,” they explained.

“We combine the eagle symbology from family coat of arms with the image of the Divine (open wings), making this cultural and local tradition connection for Bonventi.”

Bonventi winery bottle label


Colour Palette and Business Card Printing

Bonventi’s brand colours are green, white and red. They are specifically derived from the Italian flag, the family’s country of origin.

Sala de Serigrafia, a São Paulo-based printing company with expertise in serigraphy, produced these business cards.

“We used Paraná RV Branco cardboard, which has a super high weight, to bring the idea of a more rigid and resistant object; something you’d keep when receiving,” Pedro and Sérgio said.

“We explore the silk screen technique because of the paper weight and the way it’s produced, in a manual and artisanal way.”

“In addition to the details, we applied the hot stamping method (copper foil) in honour of Nona Elvira (the owner’s grandmother) and her remarkable red hair.”


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Designed by Pedro Paulino and Sérgio Fonseca

Printed by Sala de Serigrafia

For Bonventi Winery

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