Bankor Burger business cards

Banko Burger Business Card

Bensu Atila designed these business cards for Banko Burger, a restaurant that serves delicious burgers located in Moda, Istanbul.

“Banko Burger uses traditional cheese and special sauces. The naming of the brand was from a poem and because the street name was about the same as the poet’s,” Bensu said.

Bankor Burger logo
The owner of the brand was hoping to take street food to a higher level. Therefore, Bensu was tasked to create the visual identity in a unique and dynamic way by using contrasting colours and textures inspired by street culture.

Bankor Burger inspiration
“The design process was based on the idea of presenting the burger as a local delicacy. For this reason, I used the colours in the most familiar Turkish motifs. Then, I created the designs in the opposite direction, not traditionally. Thus, the resulting contrast would reflect the brand and taste.”

Bankor Burger branding
“Also, I was inspired by the modern/nostalgic texture of the district for the patterns. As for the typography, I used a bold typeface that matches the burger brand.” The typeface Bensu used in the visual identity is Futura.

These business cards are just mockups but according to Bensu, the actual cards were printed on 400gsm paper with matte lamination and Pantone color.

Bankor Burger business cardsBanko Burger stationeryBankor Burger menuBankor Burger posters

Designed by Bensu Atila

For Banko Burger

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