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Andon Design Daily Business Card

Pongtorn Wachirapoka designed these business cards for Andon Design Daily Co., Ltd (a.k.a. &On), an agency with an expertise on brand identity design located in Bangkok, Thailand.

These business cards are single-sided with the most important information displayed neatly on the front of the card.

“The business card is designed to have a playful effect on the receiver, the foil printing technique creates the reflection of light based on the ambient colours,” Pongtorn explained.

“The circular embossed area expresses the creativity of &On, while the modern font is all capitalized with the slight difference of font weight to achieve the fullest simplicity.”

“The space at the back of the card is for the receiver to jot down the comments.”

Andon Design Daily business card


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed by HP Print & Binding Co., Ltd In Thailand.

“The cards are printed on Marshmallow 265 gram paper, which makes foil H201 printing clearer,” Pongtorn said.

“The body text uses 100% black screening technique to create dimensions of the print, circular embossed area is to create contrast and appeal.”

All the design elements and printing techniques are well integrated in creating a stunning and memorable business card design for the prospects.


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Designed by Pongtorn Wachirapoka

Printed by HP Print & Binding Co

For Andon Design Daily (&On)

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