Yuka Suzuki Hair & Makeup Artist business card

Yuka Suzuki Hair & Makeup Artist Business Card

KUDOS Design Collaboratory designed these exceptional, one-of-a-kind business cards for Yuka Suzuki, a hair & make-up artist.

Suzuki is a very talented, unique hair and makeup artist who treats each of her clients as “the only one”.

She inspired KUDOS to propose a customizable business card which allows her to personalize it for each client.

The business cards were printed on an uncoated card stock with a custom die cut to insert bobby pins. The outcome was truly eye-catching!

What seems to be a black-and-white business card allows variety and endless combination of (colorful) hairpins. Not only it depicts the profession accurately but the heart that puts into it as well.

Designed by KUDOS Design Collaboratory

Printed by Masterpiece Printing in New York

For Yuka Suzuki Hair & Make-up Artist

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Jennifer Wong
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