Wonder Store business card

Wonder Stationery Store Business Card

Sciencewerk designed these business cards for Wonder Store, a retail shop that specializes in stylish daily stationery and books.

Wonder Store’s brand message is about providing high quality and playfully unique stationery goods that can bring joy and wonder to the customers’ heart.

According to the Graphic Designer at Sciencewerk, the word ‘Wonder’ is a feeling of surprise and admiration that comes from seeing something beautiful or unexpected. It could also mean to be curious about something. Upon receiving the brief, they wanted to develop the storyline based on this concept.

Wonder Store stationery

“To symbolize this ‘feeling of surprise’ or ‘in awe’, we created a simple and unique logotype by playfully customizing the letter ‘O’ to resemble a person with a surprised expression. From then on, we consistently apply the circular ‘O’ symbol across its design collaterals.”

To enhance the concept of ‘wonder’, a cut-out in the shape of an astonished face impression was applied to the business card to make it more interesting and memorable.

Wonder Store_business cardsWonder Store branding_1

While the logotype was custom-designed, Apercu (font family) was used for the body text on the business card. As for the brand’s colour palette, Sciencewerk chose bright, eye-catching colours to express Wonder Store’s joyful, fun, and dynamic personality.

“Pattern key-graphics called ‘Wonderful Patterns’ were developed to support the overall identity of the brand. These patterns were inspired from the patterns and scribbles found on common stationeries, which could be a place or medium where anyone can freely express and create their own wonders.”

What a terrific way to make your business card more intriguing and memorable with a little creative thinking!

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Designed by Sciencewerk

For Wonder Store

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