vinepair digital media business card

VinePair Digital Media Business Card

Danielle Grinberg designed these business cards for VinePair, the largest digital media company delivering accessible, entertaining, and inspiring content about drinks.

Danielle’s card design makes a stylish impression, thanks to its minimalist approach yet striking outlook!

“We were in the midst of a website redesign and brand refresh, plus we had many newer employees that were in need of business cards.”

“Rather than repurpose the original design, we went ahead and created a simpler business card design that featured the new logo – ‘VinePair’ in a rectangle and the droplet mark,” Danielle said.

The right choice of colours can make a huge difference in a design, which is why Danielle kept the main colour despite this being a rebranding project.

“Something we kept from VinePair’s original branding was the poppy red as the main colour.”

“We were inspired by minimalist design and wanted to be different than most media companies centered around wine, beer and spirits.”

Let’s talk about the background colours for a minute: a red background exudes strength, energy and grabs people’s attention instantly; whereas a dark green background gives a contrast effect to the red.

When paired with the red droplet mark (and the contact person’s name) on the other side of the business card – we see perfection!

One way or another, both versions are destined to impress!

These business cards were printed by MOO.


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Designed by Danielle Grinberg

Printed by MOO

For VinePair

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