Vincent Jewellery business card

Vincent Jewellery Business Card

Whitnee King designed these business cards for Vincent, a handmade jewellery brand based in Melbourne.

Whitnee worked with the founder of Vincent, Marlie Reinhard, to bring her brand vision to life. Having worked in the fashion industry for ten years, Marlie had developed her style of jewellery-making through messing with conventions. Each of her jewellery piece is customizable and designed to express the wearer’s own style and confidence.

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Made with recycled and responsibly sourced materials, Vincent aims to reduce waste by only using environmentally friendly alternatives in the production of its jewelleries. Therefore, it’s natural for the brand to opt for minimalist approach when it comes to designing its visual identity.

“The business card design was a mix of femininity and masculinity, inspired by monochrome tones and brutalism,” Whitnee said.

The typeface used for the logotype is Futura; while other typography including Canela (as the primary typeface) and Brown (secondary typeface). All of them are a perfect combo to express the brand’s contemporary and timeless image.

These business cards would be printed on textured paper stock with embossing printing technique for that classy, sophisticated visual impact.

Vincent Jewellery business cardVincent Jewellery stationeryVincent Jewellery thank you cards

Designed by Whitnee King at Netley Studio

For Vincent Jewellery

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