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Vincent Jewellery Business Card

Vincent Jewellery business card

Whitnee King designed these business cards for Vincent, a handmade jewellery brand based in Melbourne. Whitnee worked with the founder of Vincent, Marlie Reinhard, to bring her brand vision to life. Having worked in the fashion industry for ten years,…

Espaces Temps Non-Profit Consultation Business Card

EspacesTemps business cards

Olivier Charland designed these business cards for Espaces Temps, a non-profit social enterprise that works with municipalities, universities, cultural venues and other organizations to help them imagine and implement innovative projects. Espaces Temps is chiefly financed by this kind of…

The Stone Willow Floral Design Business Card

Stone Willow Studio business card

Tia Queen and Brenton Craig designed these business cards for The Stone Willow Studio, an Australian floral design studio inspired by Ikebana and the ‘weirdos’ of the plant realm. “Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging,” explained Brenton Craig,…