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Vidhi Suneja Graphic Designer Business Card

Vidhi Suneja designed these business cards for her self-branding as a graphic designer.

“They say you have 7 seconds to make the first impression, and when it comes to business interactions – first impressions are very important,” Vidhi said.

“Also considering I was the client myself – it was all the more challenging as pleasing oneself can be quite tricky.”

Vidhi made a self-portrait on the card. It’s a great way to stand out, be memorable while using her illustration as an example of her work as well.

“The idea was to make the card stand strong for its own, something people would recollect and remember me by as a well-crafted, creative and purpose-driven card – at the portfolio review since a lot of celebrated designers and visual artists were displaying their work.”

These business cards were printed by Avantika Printers, who, according to Vidhi, did a fabulous job of printing the cards using Sona papers: Modigliani White + Orange Plike and Modigliani White + New York Yellow.

“The use of bright but not too jarring colors, clean type and form help in reinforcing my brand image and thought in a potential customer’s mind. So I went ahead with using the most premium, fine paper in the market available – Sona papers – to help me achieve this.”

“I wanted the cards to have a tactile feel, hence both sides of the card have contrasting textures. The front was screen-printed while the back was digitally printed. Later, both papers were machine pasted post printing,” Vidhi added.

Overall, it’s a simple yet well-thought-out design that speaks for itself!


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Designed by Vidhi Suneja

Printed by Avantika Printers

For Vidhi Suneja personal-branding

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