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Viajes Bilbao Express Travel Agency Business Card

Marina Goñi designed these business cards for Viajes Bilbao Express, a travel agency that has curated great trips around the world, honeymoons and incentive (MICE) for more than 30 years.

With their wide knowledge, experience and the trust of so many clients, VBE wants to expand its service to a wider audience and to improve their brand and communication strategy. The new identity is the result of this process that promotes a new repositioning for the organization.

“Due to the big changes coming to the travel sector – the internet and its possibilities of knowledge and access to a global world – the company faces new challenges: to expand its service to a wider audience; strengthen and better communicate their commitment towards the client, the care and attention dedicated to the details and the fact that they are an independent agency.” Marina said.

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“So, the design process started with a review and brand audit that concluded with the need of a reinforcement in the brand strategy and a new identity. These 30 years have been a long trip of knowledge and experience for the brand, and they are going to show it in the new identity: their way of doing things, a close relationship with clients, a kinder image, higher quality and with character.”

“All these elements are going to be translated into different pieces for ‘before, during and after’ the trip to improve the user and travel experience: travel and tote bags, stationery and basic desktop elements.”

She continued, “The brand moves in with a new suit. From the traditional garnet and grey colours that were used for the typography (more traditional and static), they moved to a logo in copper ink and Hermann regular typography, reinforcing the premium look. For the rest of the text, Texta is the typography chosen.”

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The excitement and the colours of the new land to be discovered and the memories of the landscapes visited were the starting point to create and build the new brand. Warm colours and interesting harmonies of the landscapes allow the clients to experience the trip even before it starts.

“These landscapes are translated into strips of colour that evoke other places, new places to visit. Different landscapes were designed, one for each continent. Warm colours and friendly harmonies for the landscape of the five continents. A warm and harmonious image. Pieces full of details to offer an experience that rounds off an unforgettable trip,” Marina said.

These business cards were printed in process colour on Conqueror C22 diamond, 320gsm by Imprenta Arenas.

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Designed by Marina Goñi

Bio: “After more than 10 years, we know that our value is not in how well we design.” Estudio Marina Goñi is a branding studio committed to design, quality of the service and customers. Interested in both the trend magazines and the business section of the newspaper. Each project is an opportunity to learn about branding, strategy and design, also about the team and working processes. They enjoy talking about business, opportunities and return on investment. They take care not only of their customers and the working process but also of a well-done design, project materials and details.

Printed by Imprenta Arenas

For Viajes Bilbao Express

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