Vet Gezellig business card

Vet Gezellig Personal Branding Business Card

Ghislaine designed these business cards for Vet Gezellig, a Dutch YouTube content creator who makes videos (vlogs) about his day to day life, videos about food and documentaries about mental health.

“The main logo is a 50s cartoon of the YouTuber and his beloved cat, Freek who joins many of his cheerful videos. My client has 3 series on his YouTube channel: Vlogs, Food (Eten) and Docs,” Ghislaine explained.

“For each series, I made a variation of the main logo: a camera to represent the vlog series, a donut for the food series and a light bulb for documentaries.”

Vet Gezellig business cards

Due to the main logo and its variations look quite cheerful and were made with soft lines, Ghislaine opted for a simpler sans serif font with harder lines to make the brand look more professional.

“To compliment his friendly and cheerful character, I chose bright colours, each series has its own colour but recurring is the dark blue colour so that it fits well together and forms a harmonious image as a whole,” Ghislaine said.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, Ghislaine may go for her usual printer, Printenbind, a Dutch online print shop based in Amsterdam.

“I would like the cards to be printed on ‘Oud Hollands’ (translated: Old Dutch) 300 grams paper, which is an off-white paper with a small relief and without shine,” Ghislaine suggested.

“The paper will give the cards a slightly more luxurious look.”

Vet Gezellig main logoVet Gezellig logo variation_3Vet Gezellig logo variation_1Vet Gezellig logo variation_2Vet Gezellig pins

Designed by Ghislaine

For Vet Gezellig personal branding

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