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Ventiseidieci Innovation Company Business Card

Gaia Fontana designed these business cards for Ventiseidieci, a scientific innovation company with a big goal: to improve human performance and quality of life.

“The company is made by engineers, scientists and creative. Our goal was to give each of these souls a voice in the branding, as well as in the other communication assets,” explained Gaia, the Creative Brand Designer at Lewis Lopez & Partners.

“We decided to focus on the scientist’s point of view. When you look at something really close, colours are brighter, shapes become patterns and even the most common materials become interesting.”

Ventiseidieci business cardsVentiseidieci 2610 business card
Speaking of the logo design, Gaia continued, “The logo is the representation of 2610 and the numbers merge together to reveal the microscope shape. We introduce colours to the existing logo in an innovative, playful, and sophisticated way in the form of holographic foils in print and digital gradients on screen. The iridescent blue colour given from this foil is a subtle connection to the life in the laboratory and the creativity behind the mind of a scientist.”

“When creating the brand for Ventiseidieci, we wanted to visually represent the cleanest and perfection of their business with a simple but progressive beautiful identity. The outline shape logo on the back of the business cards, engraved by the holographic hot foil, has become an essential element of the corporate identity of the brand.”

These business cards were printed by Dot Studio, who’s an independent printing practice specializing in foil blocking and screen printing. According to hipCool Studio, the two founders are extremely attentive to every single detail and their knowledge is driven by their passion for printing.

“The cards were printed on the smooth surface of the bright white paper Fedrigoni 700gsm Sirio White, distinguished by its great rigidity and strength, making it the perfect canvas for the hot foil blocking printing. For the hot foil, we used the newest blue holographic foil by FoilCo Ltd. The thickness of these business cards is perfect to apply the hot foil on its edges, achieving an exclusionary brightful impact,” Gaia said.

Overall, this is a vibrant and modern business card design that leaves a lasting impression!

Ventiseidieci business_card Ventiseidieci corporate_identity Ventiseidieci stationery12610_pilecards_32610_pilecards_2Ventiseidieci_business card edges2610_notebook

Designed by Gaia Fontana at Lewis Lopez & Partners

Printed by Dot Studio

For Ventiseidieci

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