Vault Wines business cards

Vault Wines Brand Business Card

Tako Chabukiani designed these business cards for Vault Wines, a wine franchise brand.

“Vault Wines is an open collaboration between Vault Wines team, Chelti Winery and KTW group to launch a new wine brand targeting exclusively ultra-premium wine segment” Tako said.

“In the future, they plan to open a wine restaurant which is going to be located in Kakheti, Georgia.”

The colour palette for the business card is no doubt a special one: the neutral/cool colour combinations are so well done that they make the cards look elegant and impressive!

“The colours were inspired by the location of the winery,” Tako explained.

“The brand colours represent the Sky, the Grass and the Ground, because the fermentation, storage and ageing of traditional Georgian wine happen in vessels that are buried below the ground.”

These business cards are not printed but if they were, Tako suggested screen printing and foiling to be done on matte paper.


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Vault Wines stationery

Designed by Tako Chabukiani at Pragmatika

For Vault Wines

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